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Adrenaline Tour Blagaj

The medieval Old Town of Blagaj – Herceg Stjepan Kosača dominates Blagaj near Mostar (after whose name Herzegovina got its name), is located on the slopes of Velež, below the rock where the river Buna springs framed by Dervish Tekija. Adrenalin Tour organizes Tours through Via Ferrata where the starting point is the Eco Center Blagaj.

Eco center provides various services:

Parking space,
Camp in nature,
Bar and kitchen that are always available,
climbing equipment,
climbing guide

– Vulin potok is a left tributary of the Buna, its canyon has become accessible to non-alpinists by building a secured cable car – Via ferrate. Via ferrata Vulin potok requires a little skill to move through the canyon and via ferrati and technical equipment: helmet, audor belt, via ferrata set and gloves (without fingers).

– Via Ferrata starts in the Eco-center Blagaj, which is located on the left bank of the river Buna, 150 meters from the source of the river Buna, where there are also two artificial rocks for sport climbing. On the Via Ferrata there are grips and blades made of reinforcing steel while the cable is strong and reliable with easily transitional knots. “Via ferrata” consists of several jumps, where the largest has a height of 30 m. In addition to passing through an attractive 1,500 m long canyon, you can enjoy the flora and fauna.

Basic technical information about the trail:

  • The length of the trail is 6 km
  • Total mastered ascent: 370 m
  • Total descent: 370 m
  • Lowest track point: 69 m / nm
  • The highest point of the track is 400 m / nm
  • Fitness weight: 3/10
  • Technical weight 4/10
  • Source of drinking water: 0

Via ferrata Tour- 3.5 – 4 h

  • Arrival at the Eco Center Blagaj
  • Introducing participants to Via Ferrata and equipment (climbing harness, helmet and via ferrata kit)
  • Passing through the ferrata with one or two longer stops
  • Easy walk to the Blagaj Eco Center.
  • Trail length: 6 km
  • Fitness weight: 2/10
  • Technical weight: 4/10
  • Altitude difference: 370 m
  • Vertical length: 5-30 m
  • Tour time: 3.5 – 4 h
  • Price: 2-4 persons 30 € per person, from 5-8 persons 24 € per person