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Name and Surname: Adnan Đuliman

Date and place of birth: 3.9.1980. Mostar

Education: Sports teacher

Function in the organization: President of the association

Name and surname: Emina Lulić

Date and place of birth: 9.8.1996. Mostar

Education: Bachelor of Conservation Biology and Ecology

Function in the organization: Secretary of the Youth Organization Novi Val

Project coordinator / assistant / educator

Name and surname: Almir Badžak

Date and place of birth: 8.10.1968. Mostar

Education: Tourism and Hospitality Technician

Function in the organization: Educator / host in Eco Center Blagaj

Name and surname: Aldijana Masleša

Date and place of birth: 4.3.1992, Mostar

Education: Bachelor of Communication

Function in the organization: Educator / project assistant

Name and surname: Amar Bajrović

Date and place of birth: 9/27/1995, Mostar

Education: Bachelor engineer of Agriculture

Function in the organization: Project coordinator / educator

Name and surname: Sanel Riđanović

Date and place of birth: 28.09.1974, Mostar

Education: Faculty of Biological Sciences, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Function in the organization: Associate professor, zoologist-ecology, researcher on the projects.

Name and surname: Amela Đuliman

Date and place of birth: 18.10.1983, Sarajevo

Education: Economic technician

Function in the organization: Accountant

The New Wave is a youth organization aimed at animating young people and actively engaging them in educational, ecological, sports, artistic, tourist, cultural and fun activities.

One of the basic activities implemented by the New Wave is the reintroduction of griffon vultures in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the development of eco-tourism.

In 2007, The New Wave has launched several projects aimed at the development of eco-tourism as well as the protection of the disrupted biodiversity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as education programmes for environmental protection.

With the help of our donors from Spain, Italy, Germany, America and UNDP, we have successfully implemented these projects and we are now proceeding with the planned activities.

The activities planned for the next year are:

  1. Carrying on with the reintroduction of Griffon vultures in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. Construction of a feeding station for the Griffon vultures and other vultures
  3. Carrying on with the development of tourist infrastructure
  4. Education programme and bringing students together (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska)
  5. Tourism presentation and organisation of tourist outings
  6. Eco centre Blagaj-construction and development of existing capacities
  7. Bird monitoring process
  8. Setting up the Eco camp Blagaj
  9. Livestock development in the region of mountain Velež
  10. Protection of the Blagaj donkey
  11. Protection of Tornjak, the Bosnian sheepdog
  12. Starting climbing school

If you want to support our projects financially, go to the first bank and make donations to the designated accounts on the address below.

* UniCredit Bank

* KardinalaStepinca bb 88000 Mostar

* Bank account in KM: 3389002210143264

Euro bank account: 20008780005

IBAN: BA39 3389002210143264


Youth Club New Wave

Branilaca Bosne bb

88201 Blagaj

Bosnia and Herzegovina