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Thank you for helping the Youth Club “Novi Val” to realize our projects! You can choose one of the following categories for donation:

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Griffon Vulture

Your donation will be used on monitoring activities, educational programmes we have been implementing, fighting poisoning and creating conditions for the return of this extinct species to B&H.

Herzegovina Donkey

Your donation will be used on activities needed to take care of the animals, food supply, supplies of necessary medicines, veterinary supervision, as well as maintenance of the barn.

Feeding place

Your donation will be used on improving working conditions, monitoring, transportation of animal waste and dead animals, video surveillance as well as scientific research.

Eco Centre

Since the development of Eco Centre Blagaj is mostly financed by individual donations, you can also become part of our family that aims to create better conditions for the work and existence of the centre itself

Sports Climbing

Your donation directly helps building new sports directions, cleaning and maintaining the climbing area, procuring the necessary equipment and engaging young people in sports activities.

Reconciliation Projects

Your support is very important for providing financial assistance so that New Wave Youth Club can continue to work on the reconciliation projects we are currently implementing in Herzegovina.


The membership in our organization and your regular donations provide financial support for endangered animal species throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you care about animals, birds and nature, with only 50 euro a year you can help protect some of the most sensitive species on the planet.
Join us now!

Become a member

In your Welcome Package you will receive a T-shirt, a badge and a membership card from our organization. You will also receive regular information about the projects we have focused your money on and the effects of those projects on nature itself.