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Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) from the Region Support BiH’s Accession to the European Union

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In light of the European Commission’s recommendation to the European Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to commence negotiations with the European Union (EU), civil society organizations (CSOs) from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, and Serbia extend their full support for the initiation of negotiations and BiH’s accession to the European Union.

BiH’s membership in the European Union represents a significant contribution to regional stability and cooperation among states that share a common history, language, challenges, and successes due to similar socio-political, geo-strategic, and ethnic characteristics.

Membership for Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as all regional states, guarantees the maintenance of lasting peace and the advancement of democratic standards and values.

The prospect of EU membership serves as a strong catalyst for continuing ongoing reforms in BiH and initiates processes aimed at establishing an economic, legal, organizational, and social structure wherein the protection of all human and civil rights, both individual and collective, is ensured.

A functional BiH, on the path to EU membership, is of vital importance for the livelihoods of Bosnian citizens, irrespective of their national, religious, or any other differences, in accordance with the fundamental principles of the rule of law and democratic societal organization.

The accession of all Western Balkan countries to the European Union is of paramount importance for civil society organizations, as they serve as crucial corrective factors in every society and social process, actively shaping policies.

Since its establishment in 2000, the Igman Initiative has dedicated its activities to the citizens’ desire for EU membership, actively participating in the creation of specific legislative solutions and constitutional changes to advance European values through our constitutional and legal framework.