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Why eco tourism is important

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The term eco-tourism began to be used in the 1980s, when people became aware of the fact that the planet was their only home and that they had to act more responsibly. Tourism, as one of the “silent” polluters of the planet, primarily because of the transport underlying it, has had to start changing.

We, as human beings, enjoy leisurely the carefree environment of nature, relaxation, peace and rest all being understood. However, what about activities that need to ensure a high quality of the environment? We are all witnessing that behind the tourists, in most cases, whatever form of tourism is involved, there are tons of waste and a very degraded environment. In order for this not to happen, one must engage in raising awareness of the importance of nature for life through educational workshops and getting to know nature itself and its impact on all living things.

Ecologically responsible tourists are guided by the idea that it is necessary to exert minimal influence on nature and raise funds for its conservation, educate and get to know the local population, engage the local workforce and respect different cultures and basic human rights. Most of them are highly educated people who travel frequently, are well aware of the destinations they visit, are physically active, adapt to the simple life of citizens, do not hesitate to try local specialties and buy only handmade souvenirs. If our society supported every initiative in this direction, encouraged entrepreneurs and citizens to change their habits and past practices, educated the rule of “greener” choices when planning and organizing their own travels, we might be richer and preserve what we have inherited .