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What’s the difference between hiking and mountain climbing?

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Hiking is a long distance walk along a specific trail, most commonly across country. Some hikes can be challenging and last for days including camping, but others can be a long day walk at a steady pace. However, mountain climbing is a challenging sport in which people climb steep rocky slopes to reach the top. Specific equipment is needed in order to mountain climb such as an ice axe and rope depending on the terrain. You physically climb using both your hands and feet onto the rocks or ice and snow to get to the top.

It’s important that your backpack fits correctly so you can carry it in comfort. This will depend on your build and back length (not your overall height). Most backpacks will come with adjustable back straps (bigger backpacks are also likely to have adjustable chest straps) to ensure your backpack fits securely and comfortably. If the backpack sits too low, even when adjusted, it is too big for you.

You may decide to pick a backpack that comes in women’s fit. This is a backpack that has all the same features as a regular fit but is designed with a shorter back system for a smaller torso and with less space between the two shoulder straps to fit onto your body better.