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Only 200m from the spring of the river Buna, one of the largest springs in terms of water capacity in Europe, the Eco Center offers nature lovers an ideal ambience in nature. If you like sports, hiking, animals, ecology, and nature in general, then our camp is an ideal place for you.


The magical location of our camp is the starting point for many activities we have to offer. You will surely feel a touch of adventure if you decide to walk through the canyon, and for those a little braver, accompanied by our staff, there is Via Ferrata Vulin Potok. In addition to the canyon offering its natural beauty

, your route also includes a tour to the fortress of Herceg Stjepan – the duke who ruled this area in the Middle Ages.

At the very source is the I tekke, a dervish monastery from the end of the 15th century, a spiritual oasis located below a 300m high cliff.


In the last couple of years, sport climbing has experienced tremendous development in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and many of the world’s top climbers are visiting the climbing area in Blagaj and develop a story. The Eco Center is only a 10-minute easy walk away from the first sectors where you can try your hand at this interesting sport. Within the eco center, there are two artificial climbing rocks 15m high, which climbers use for training, as well as for beginners who want to try for the first time. There is also the option of renting climbing equipment, as well as an instructor who will show you the basics of this sport. At the climbing area in Blagaj you have over 170 routes with different weights, climbing styles, and geographical orientation. The climate of this area gives you the possibility of climbing throughout the year.

Eco center Blagaj is engaged in many activities related to environmental protection and raising awareness of nature protection among the youth population. In the Eco Center, you can also see Blagaj donkeys, which are an indigenous breed of this area. In addition to donkeys, we are also working on the reintroduction of the griffon vulture, a bird that once flew over the cliffs of Blagaj. At the moment, we do not have birds, but we are certainly willing to share with you useful information about this almost extinct species.

In the camp of the Eco Center you can set up about 30 tents (there are also trees for hammocks), and 10 parking spaces for camp vans/cars. We also have a toilet, open showers and high speed internet. Our guests are very often digital nomads, so we have provided high-speed internet so that our guests can spend their time on vacation without any problems, with the possibility

As part of the bar, we also have a hand-made pizza oven, and your evening chill with friends can be complemented by the gastronomic offer offered by the Eco Center. In addition, in agreement with you, we make various homemade dishes from the grill on an open fire, and we are most proud of the trout from the river Buna, marinated with plants from our botanical garden.

The Eco Center also has its own membership bar, where our guests can try some homemade juices, brandies, homemade coffee, as well as herbal teas, harvested on the nearby hills around the Eco Center. As part of the bar, there is also a kitchen with the possibility of using refrigerators, gas, dishes, etc.